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About Us

Dalaro Shipping AB, a part of the Oslo Bulk Group, was established in 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden, under the name Dalarö Oil & Shipping AB. Since 2019, our headquarters have been located in Norrköping, Sweden.

Since our inception, we have grown to become a leading and well-recognized logistics alternative for the Swedish and Finnish forestry industries. Dalaro Shipping transports forestry products to destinations in North Africa and other locations within the Mediterranean Sea.

Our business model is based on a southbound leg, providing seaborne logistic solutions from the Baltic Sea for the Swedish and Finnish forest industries to ports in all North African countries and other destinations within the Mediterranean Sea.


Coupled with a northbound leg from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia, carrying cargos such as marble chips, gypsum stones, salt, phosphates, and windmills, Dalaro offers the industry an efficient and optimized transportation solution with limited ballast and competitive costs.

Annually, Dalaro transports an average of around 2 million cbm of sawn timber and pulp. Our transportation operations are optimized by loading close to our industrial clients, and we cooperate with certain ports to ensure fast and safe loading. Main loading ports include Haraholmen, Orrskär, and Oskarshamn in Sweden, while in Finland, the main ports are Oulu, Jakobstad, and Hamina.

The total yearly cargo volume is approximately 4.5 million freight tons.

Cargo loading in Orrskär, Sweden

Our business in 3,5 minutes

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