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Dalaro Shipping AB operates as a time charter owner and has a fleet divided in two segments with 9 000 tonners and 17 000 tonners.

The 9 000 tonner fleet, mainly operates from the Baltic to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya back to the Baltic with dedicated contract cargoes such a gypsum stones and salt in bulk.

The fleet is modern MPP/Timber Carriers built 2010 – 2012, on long term time charter. All 16 vessels have the same cargo capacity but are divided into three different types.

9 000 tonners

Sea Discovery type

Oslo Carrier type


Finn II type

The 17 000 tonners consist of 2 sister vessels built in 2000 and 2001, with ice class 1 A and own gear.

This gives us a modern fleet operating in our trade. In addition, to our main fleet, we constantly operate vessels on the spot market from close owners which provides great flexibility for our transports and our customer’s needs.

Our sole desire is to operate vessels built specifically for our trade. All vessels are fitted with upright timber stanchions and tarpaulins, equipped with cargo cranes and our focus rests on transporting, loading, and discharging as quickly and as safe as possible. Safety, cargo handlingas well as meeting environmental policies are the key components in the operation.

With over 40 years of experience and industry expertise, together with our highly motivated and professional crew, Dalaro Shipping is the safe, reliable, and leading transportation alternative for shipping of forestry products.

17 000 tonners

The 17 000 tonner fleet operates mainly from the Baltic to Alexandria in Egypt with dedicated contract cargoes in return to ARAG and the Baltic with marble chips, salt in bulk and windmillblades.

Oslo Wave type

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